Tax Secrets of the Wealthy
10 Biggest Tax Mistakes By Real Estate Agents....

Deduct Your Kids Braces

You can use a medical reimbursement plan to legally deduct paying for your kids braces.

Deduct 100% Out of Pocket Healthcare Costs

You can use a medical reimbursement plan to deduct doctor visits, co pays, chiropractic expenses and much more.

Fund Your Kids College

By hiring your kids you can deduct what you pay them as a business expense, nearly tax free, then you can fund their 529 plan, Or you could pay for them to go to band camp. You could even use if for private school.

Reduce Self Employment Tax 40%

Through corporate structuring you can shift your income into salaries and dividends to reduce your self employment taxes up to 40%.

Reduce Your Tax Rate to 10-15%

Through a combination of corporate structuring and using giving a portion of the business to family, your tax rate could be as low as 10%.

There's even MORE!

Watch the video and learn how you can use these strategies and much more.
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